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History of BUUTS HA



The mysticism, magic, and mystery of the Mayan world and its cosmogony, shape a transcendent culture in the universal history of humanity.  

Every trait,rite, artistic and philosophical expression of this society transcends time and epochs.

Elements such as
water, wind, endemic flora, and fauna, as well as the color and flavors of this
region, were a reason for worship and reverence for this civilization.

Respect and
preservation rules are still in force today, establishing how to interact and
interpret the surrounding symbolism and nature.

We understand
that it is imperative to observe them in order to coexist in this sacred land.

Buut Ha Cenote
Club, whose name means smoke and water, honors both the voluptuous elegance of
the burning copal, an indispensable ceremonial element in the sacred ritual of
this mystical land; like water, the quintessence of its being and basis of
Mayan genesis.

Aware of this,
and with special sensitivity, we are ready to manage all the wealth of this
place, committing ourselves to preserve its balance and magnificence.

A cenote for the
Mayan world represents the melting pot of creation, immersing yourself in one
of them is a high privilege that allows you to soak, the soul and the spirit;
the only way to commune with this ancestral and surreal world.

Ours, with its
turtle shape and its fresh, crystal-clear water, is the heart of our entire
facility. Deep inside our facility, hidden from view, is a natural grotto that houses
our spa; an intimate and secret place, with magical illumination, provided by a
natural skylight, makes it ideal for relaxation and the care of bodily,
spiritual, and personal beauty.

Among the rich
variety of fauna, stands out the Toh bird (guardian of the cenote).

A variety of
turtles and fish have a special place in the preservation plan that our Club
has implemented.

Our philosophy
also includes art as an essential part of our heritage.

A pair of
monumental hands, finely woven in an artisanal way with vines collected from
our places, stand as a gesture of welcome, warmth, and fraternity towards our
visitor. We offer our sincere and kind hand. We provide dreams and memories; we
welcome stays and rests.

Here, where
aroma, light, color, and texture shape a different world and life, we have created
a place with a taste for timeless mixing, faithful to its conception, exalts
the values of this geography and its multifaceted ecosystem.

Our fine
gastronomy complemented by a sophisticated cocktail bar, both served in the
middle of the intimate and delicate environment, fused with the authentic
cultural roots, allows us to lead our visitors through a living integral
experience of the true Mayan world. In all, they are the exact complement of
our microcosm.

We have set
ourselves the formal mission of providing our visitor with true world-class
service in this unparalleled space; attention where comfort, luxury, and
exclusivity are in accordance with the idyllic setting that will always embrace
the visitor.

We will seek a
perceptual experience of the five senses.

Our people’s
discretion, kindness, and smiles will give you the warmest welcome.

Come, let us
welcome you into our house.

Get to know this
unique site; open your mind and your arms, receive the warm and elegant embrace
of our Cenote Club; we promise that in your soul you will carry forever an
indelible memory; your energy will be renewed with this experience and your
spirit will reach an incomparable level of rejoicing.


elegant as smoke, smooth as water immense and eternal like the Mayan world.

our history

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