Buuts ´ha´ cenote club

Buuts ´ha´ cenote club

Buuts' means smoke in Mayan culture and Ha' means water. Two essential elements to achieve maximum purification of the soul.
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Get lost in the Tulum Jungle and connect with nature. Visit us!

Elements such as water, wind, endemic flora, and fauna, as well as the color and flavors of thisregion, were a reason for worship and reverence for this civilization.

"If happiness is the goal... BUUTS' HA' is the place"

Did you know? Cenotes in Mexico are a special natural hole or sinkhole created from the destruction of limestone bedrock that process groundwater underneath.

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If you really love nature, this is the place...BUUTS' HA'

Funfact: formations of just one Cenote can last for hundreds of years.

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